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PMRL is engaged in research activities in the field of power management and analog and mixed-signal  integrated circuits. Our lab collaborates extensively with industry to ensure relevance and applicability to real-world applications. Specific research activities include:
  • On-chip power grids for dynamic energy distribution in analog/RF, digital, and mixed-signal VLSI systems ..... more information
  • Low-noise, low-EMI switching power converters for RF applications ..... more information
  • Multi-input multi-output energy-harvesting power and battery-charging platforms for portable and remotely-deployed devices and biomedical implants ..... more information
  • Fully-integrated, high-frequency power converters with on-chip/on-package passives for System-on-Chip (SoC) and multi-core processors ..... more information
  • Efficient power converters for ultra light-load applications and highly variable operating conditions ..... more information
  • Power conversion/modulation in GaN and SiC
  • Data converters design for wireless and multimedia applications
  • High-speed wire-line transceivers design for digital communication systems: Adaptive equalizers, Adaptive signal drivers/receivers, Adaptive filters, and clock and data recovery circuits
  • Low-voltage, low-power design in nanometer CMOS technologies