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Yongjie, Sita, Muhammad, and Hua's Paper Appears in IEEE TCAS-I

Congratulations to Yongjie, Sita, Muhammad, and Hua for the publication of their paper entitled "Output Control Techniques for Dual-Frequency SIMO Buck Converters" in the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I.

Abstract: The recently-proposed dual-frequency single-inductor multiple-output (DF-SIMO) buck converter topology is a promising approach for enabling the implementation of multiple fully-integrated power supplies with superior dynamic and cross-regulation performance in SoCs. However, switching the input and output stages at different frequencies raises many questions about the optimum strategy for controlling such converter topology. This paper explores and analyzes the various classes of controllers that can be employed in the output stage of the DF-SIMO buck converter topology, while taking account of key comparison metrics, such as circuit complexity, stability, steady-state and dynamic performance, and the range of operating conditions each controller may be suitable for. This includes average-based voltage-mode, ripple-based charge-mode, and ripple-based voltage-mode controllers. The predictions made by the analytical expressions derived for the various controllers are verified through system-level and transistor-level circuit simulations.