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Prof. Fayed to Co-Organize a Workshop in 2019 IEEE RFIC

Prof. Fayed to co-organize and co-chair a workshop entitled "Analog and RF Hardware Security: Motivation, Challenges, and Solutions," at the 2019 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC), Boston, Massachusetts, June 2019. 

Powerful design, characterization, and implementation tools of electronic devices have become easier than ever to acquire by commercial and government entities alike. This, along with the knowhow of electronic design becoming globally accessible, opens the door to various activities that pose serious security risks. Some of these activities are incentivized only by commercial interests and profit, such as counterfeiting and IP theft, and others are driven by more malicious motives such as spying on, disrupting of, or interfering with the operation of a system. Regardless of the motivation, the question of how to improve the immunity of electronic devices to nefarious activities is a pressing one. This workshop discusses the security challenges associated with the analog, RF, and power portions of electronic systems, their place in the grand scheme of hardware security, why they are particularly vulnerable, how they can be exploited, and potential ways to address their security vulnerabilities.