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Prof. Fayed Presents a Tutorial at the 2019 IEEE MWSCAS

Prof. Fayed will be presenting a tutorial entitled "High-Frequency Integrated Switching Power Supplies" at the 2019 IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), Dallas, Texas, Aug. 2019.

With the increasing demand for a larger number of highly-efficient fully-integrated power supplies within Systems-on-Chip (SoC), there is a need for developing switching power regulators with very high switching frequencies (tens or hundreds of MHz) with small enough passive components that can be integrated on-chip or co-packaged with the SoC. However, this involves many challenges, such as large switching losses, higher resistive parasitics and leakage associated with on-chip and on-package passives, and the difficulty of implementing power switches using low-voltage devices in nanometer CMOS. This tutorial will present the various techniques used to implement high-frequency fully-integrated power supplies in mixed-signal SoCs, along with a discussion of the advantages and shortcomings of each technique taking into account factors such as design complexity, silicon area, efficiency, and dynamic performance. The tutorial will start with a brief review of the basic operation of buck converters and the role of the switching frequency in the size of the passive components sizes. The tutorial will then focus on different flavors of high-frequency buck converters with on-chip or co-packaged passives, and multi-frequency SIMO buck converters with on-chip outputs. The tutorial will be concluded with a brief discussion of future trends and the likelihood of various techniques to be adopted in the industry.