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Muhammad's Paper Appears in IEEE TPEL

Muhammad AhmedCongratulations to Muhammad Ahmed for the publication of his paper entitled "A Current-Mode Delay-based Hysteretic Buck Regulator with Enhanced Efficiency at Ultra-light loads for Low-Power Microcontrollers" in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

In this paper, a current-mode buck regulator with delay-based hysteretic control for microcontroller applications is proposed. Unlike conventional hysteretic buck regulators with accurate explicit hysteretic bands, the proposed design relies only on the inherent delay of a low-speed single-threshold comparator to realize the hysteretic band, and can be seamlessly used across all loads in CCM and DCM without modifying the controller’s parameters. Moreover, without additional adaptation circuits or frequency regulation loops, the proposed delay-based hysteretic operation does not increase variations in the switching frequency with process and temperature, and results in even less variations in the switching frequency with the input and output voltages when compared to corresponding designs with accurate explicit hysteretic bands. The simplicity of the design reduces silicon area and quiescent current significantly, which in turns enables achieving high efficiency at both heavy and light load conditions as strictly required by low-power microcontrollers. The regulator is designed in a 65nm digital CMOS technology. It occupies 0.18 mm2 and supports a wide range of input voltages (1.8–4.2 V), output voltages (0.9–1.5 V), and load current (up to 300 mA).  Measurement results show that the proposed regulator achieves 95% peak efficiency, while achieving between 62% and 87% efficiency at 10-µA load across all operating conditions.