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Prof. Fayed Presents a Tutorial at the 2018 IEEE MWSCAS

Prof. Fayed will be presenting a tutorial entitled "Single- and Multi-Cell Battery Charging and Management Systems for IoT and Automotive Applications" at the 2018 IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS), Windsor, Canada, Aug. 2018.

This tutorial will introduce the basic operation and characteristics of battery cells commonly used in IoT devices and automotive applications, including their charging/discharging profiles, self-discharging, internal impedance, charging cycles, and the effect of ambient and operating conditions on all these aspects. This will be followed by presenting the most common charging schemes used to charge single- and multi-cell battery stacks, including the constant-current constant-voltage charging scheme and the pulse charging scheme and the specific safety hazards and consideration for Li-Ion batteries. The tutorial will then present the circuit implementation of linear and switching battery charger topologies, fuel gauging circuits, and cell-monitoring and cell-balancing techniques. The tutorial will be concluded by presenting various implementation and performance examples of commercial battery charging systems and a discussion of practical considerations.