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Prof. Fayed Presents a Tutorial at the 2017 IEEE ISCAS

Ayman FayedProf. Fayed will be presenting a tutorial entitled "Battery Charging System and Circuit Fundamentals for Portable and IoT Devices" at the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Baltimore, Maryland, May 2017.

With the expanded use of portable, battery-operated electronic devices in every aspect of human life, there is an increased interest in the design of battery chargers integrated circuits. Since this area is not typically covered in graduate or undergraduate circuits’ curriculum, there is a serious shortage in researchers and engineers who have the necessary background to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions. This tutorial will introduce the basic operation and characteristics of various primary and secondary battery cells, such as Alkaline, NiCd, Li-Ion, and NiMH, including their charging/discharging profiles, self-discharging, internal impedance, and charging cycles. This will be followed by presenting the most common charging schemes used to charge single- and multi-cell battery stacks, including the pulse charging scheme, and the constant-current constant-voltage charging scheme. Linear and switching battery charger topologies, fuel gauging, and cell-monitoring and cell-balancing circuits will also be discussed, including examples of commercial implantations of battery charger integrated circuits.