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Muhammad's Paper to be Presented in the 2017 IEEE ISCAS

Muhammad SwilamCongratulations to Muhammad Ahmed for the acceptance of his paper entitled "A Calibration-Free Low-Power Supply-Pushing Reduction Circuit (SPRC) for LC VCOs," in the 2017 IEEE International symposium on circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Baltimore, Maryland, May 2017.

This paper proposes a calibration-free low-power circuit to reduce the sensitivity of LC VCOs to power supply variations, i.e. supply-pushing. At the highest Kv value of 26 MHz/V, simulation results show 14.5-kHz and 1.01-MHz peak-to-peak deviation from a 1.9-GHz center frequency for a 50-mV supply variation with and without the proposed circuit, respectively. This is equivalent to a supply pushing of 290 kHz/V with the proposed circuit versus 20 MHz/V without it, which is about 70-times improvement in supply pushing over conventional VCO implementations.